Scandinavian Designers at London Fashion Week

Scandinavian designers took London Fashion Week by storm this February with an impressive exhibition accompanied by the launch of the new book Fashion Scandinavia: Contemporary Cool. Read on for a look at how the book came to life at Somerset House.

Fashion Scandinavia

Fashion Scandinavia profiles 56 designers – both established and up-and-coming – from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Danish stylist and writer Dorothea Gundtoft, curator of the exhibition and author says ‘the book and exhibition… herald a new movement in fashion – the arrival of Scandinavian designers onto the world scene.’ Speaking at Copenhagen Fashion Week, Dorothea explains, ‘Danish fashion seems to be more about print in general, and it’s more crazy than Swedish design, which is very minimal… but when I look at it all together, I wish it could all be called Scandinavian fashion, because I think together everyone is stronger.’

models at the show

Reviewing the book, Dazed Digital said, ‘While there’s a lot to be said for the enduring appeal of minimalism, Fashion Scandinavia shows a whole new irreverent fashion sensibility emerging from our Nordic neighbors.’ Echoing this statement, one online commenter said, ‘the most exciting style of the time is coming from Scandiland.’


The exhibition itself was designed to resemble the book. Graphic designer Therese Vandling said, ‘it was a great experience (and challenge) to translate the book’s graphic look into a large-scale exhibition space. I worked closely with Hunting & Narud, the exhibition designers. It was very important to me that there was continuity throughout the graphics… and that this was all in keeping with the graphic identity of the book.’

guests entering the exhibition for the first time

We asked some of the designers featured in the Fashion Scandinavia how they felt about being included in such an important book. ‘I am very honoured to be featured in such a beautiful book, together with Scandinavia’s most exciting designers,’ responded Norwegian designer Beate Godager; ‘I think what Dorothea has done – showing both established and new designers in the same book – is very important to get an impression of what is happening on the Scandinavian fashion scene. I am glad she, and Thames & Hudson, took the chance to not just show the established designers’. Danish designer Jean-Phillip Dyeremose said ‘I’m proud to be a part of a book that includes what Scandinavian designers are all about, and to work with such a great author as Dorothea – thank you!’

Fashion Scandinavia

For a snapshot of the range of styles and talents covered by Fashion Scandinavia check out some of these featured designers: Carin Wester, Ann-Sofie Back, Altewai Saome, Anne Sofie Madsen, Designers Remix, 5preview, Bruuns Bazaar, Kalda, Camilla Staerk, EYGLÓ, Haaning & Htoon and V Ave Shoe Repair.

Here is a video from the exhibition:

Fashion Scandinavia 2013, #LFW13, Somerset House from Swedeninuk on Vimeo.

Fashion Scandinavia is available from the Thames & Hudson website.

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